Dahlia Awaking

My dahlia dreams are coming true again, my first dahlias are awake!

Dahlia ‘Sam Hopkins’ sending out first shoot

Last autumn I dug up all of my dahlias, sort-of freed them of earth, stacked them in plastic buckets and had them stored in my in-law’s garage (which is heated at 16C). I don’t have a suitable frost-free cold storage myself. With dark autumn days, christmas frenzy and winter taking the mind elsewhere, no one checked on those tubers, until I went in Mid-February to pick two dahlias from the buckets to take them home and wake them up.

Although I have seen what dahlia tubers can look like on supermarket shelves after months of neglect and too warm storage, I felt my dahlias looked pretty grim and I was not sure they were still alive.

I planted them up anyways – after shaking off dry earth and pruning excess roots – and watered sparingly, putting them on the kitchen window sill (getting very busy there already).

For almost two weeks they looked dead. One root of one of the tubers even turned to mush when I touched it and I removed the rotten bit. In desperation I googled and found consolidation in the explanation that some dahlias wake up very quickly, others may need two months or more.

A glimpse of spring and summer – a vigorous dahlia shoot!

Shortly after, I was rewarded with one dahlia showing the first shoot, but for almost three weeks I was as good as convinced that the other dahlia would be dead. Now it is sprouting 8 shoots at once. Both pots have roots peeking out at the bottom – since after the shoots appeared.

Looking almost dead – slowly awaking dahlia ‘Tamburo’

Usual advise is to plant up dahlias in March/April. However, I planted those two dahlias already in February because I want to propagate them by taking basal cuttings. The dahlias in question, dahlia ‘Tamburo’ and dahlia ‘Sam Hopkins’ are those that I did not manage to propagate aplenty last year, because their later shoots were weak and rotted away rather than rooting. And while most of my dahlia cuttings last year rooted well, they started to flower only in Mid-August (I took the first cuttings 8th of April). This year I want my cuttlings to start flowering in July. Therefore I started already in February.